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This is precisely the time when we practice aloha. In whichever way, shape or form you can. Get involved, offer a safe place to stay if you can, or rent a room for a Ukraine mom and her kids in Poland or Germany. You can also donate or help out at one of the groups and organizations we support listed below. Millions of Ukrainians are in need for support and safety.

Stay positive, stay informed, contact some Ukrainian or Russian people and let them know that you care and offer support. There's a million ways you can help.

We are mailing heartfelt letters to families in Ukraine or wherever they find refuge to send them a little aloha from Hawaii and offer our support and blessings.

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Слава Україні - Slava Ukraini

Glory to Ukraine

Euro Maidan


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Médecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders

MSF runs a range of activities in Ukraine working with local volunteers, organizations, health care professionals and authorities to help people travel to health care facilities and access prescribed medications.


Voices of Children

The Ukrainian organization's Charitable Foundation helps provide psychological and psychosocial support to children affected by the armed conflict.

Voices of Children's efforts of support for kids include art therapy, video storytelling, providing mobile psychologists and even individual help for families.


Sunflower of Peace

The nonprofit organization is raising money to prepare first aid medical tactical backpacks for paramedics and doctors on the front lines.

Each backpack is designed for groups of 5 to ten people and includes an array of first aid supplies — such as bandages, anti-hemorrhagic medicine and medical instruments, according to the organization's Facebook page.


Save the Children

Save the Children, based in London, helps to deliver lifesaving aid to vulnerable children in Ukraine and around the world. According to its website, the organization says it is on the ground in the U.S. and other parts of the world "delivering essential humanitarian aid."


UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

The international organization aims to provide emergency assistance to families in Ukraine — providing aid such as cash assistance and opportunities for resettlement in the U.S.

"UNHCR is working with the authorities, UN and other partners in Ukraine and is ready to provide humanitarian assistance wherever necessary and possible. To that effect, security and access for humanitarian efforts must be guaranteed," the organization said in a statement.



CARE is raising money for its Ukraine Crisis Fund, which will provide immediate aid including food, water, hygiene kits, support services and direct cash assistance.

The humanitarian organization aims to raise $20 million and help at least 4 million Ukrainians. It says it will prioritize women and girls, families and the elderly.


Buddies For Ukraine

Buddies for Ukraine is a program that connects Ukrainian refugees with locals in Prague, Czech Republic. We want to help the new arrivals feel supported and connected to the local community.


International Medical Corps

The global nonprofit has been delivering primary health care and mental health services in eastern Ukraine since 2014, and is raising funds to expand those services for people affected by the latest conflict.

It says cold weather and economic insecurity in the leadup to Thursday's attack have left nearly 3 million Ukrainians relying on humanitarian assistance to meet their basic needs, a number that is certain to rise nationwide.

Its Ukraine team is preparing to deploy mobile medical teams to provide emergency and primary health services, mental health and psychosocial services and COVID-19 awareness and prevention services for people who have been displaced.


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