I gift stickers when I'm out and about promoting loving kindness and through my social activism work. It's my contribution and kuleana to make the world a better place - one sticker at a time. If you're unable to get a free sticker via one of my outreach groups, I'll be happy to send you one. You're not only cheering up your life and the life of others, you're also supporting the Postal Service.



Please kōkua write me a note and tell me

What are you doing today to make the world a better place?


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*The founders were right to realize that the Postal Service isn’t only a way of moving thoughts and goods from every corner of America to any other, but also a way of uniting one of the largest and most diverse nations in the world. At a time when too few things connect us as a country, and too few of us have faith in our public institutions, we can’t afford to lose the one we trust the most. - Casey Cep at The New Yorker