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This is an excerpt taken from the ko'ihonua (cosmoganic genealogy chant) Kumulipo "Source of darkness". It is the sacred creation chant of a family of Hawaiian ali'i, or ruling chiefs. It was composed to sanctify the birth of high chief, Ka'i'imamao, son of Keaweikehahiali'iokamoku. These are the first twelve lines of the 2102 lines of this pule ho'ola'a ali'i.


Composed and transmitted entirely in the oral tradition, it provides an extended genealogy proving the family's divine origin and tracing the family history from the beginning of the world.

This chant is one of the principal sources of information on Hawaiian mythology, early culture, political structure, and way of life.

The original text of the Kumulipo was first printed in Honolulu in 1889 from a manuscript copy in the possession of King Kalakaua. Several translations were made later, including one by Queen Liliuokalani, published in 1897.


R.K Makanai shares his 'ike and mana'o on the Kumulipo via Kumu Jimmy Chun



I first studied this chant when my hānai brother Wailana asked me to record the Kumulipo for a performance with his group of Keaukaha Elementary immersion students almost twenty years ago. I recorded the students chanting and turned the recordings into a song the students danced to at the performance.

I always wanted to be able to gift this chant to those who'd like to learn it, so I made this card and started giving them away. Say howdy if you see me on the mauna or around town and I'll have one for you.

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