#177 Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka ʻĀina I Ka Pono O Hawaiʻi

Vinyl Sticker 4.5" x 2.5"



This sticker was inspired by the recent recording of the song Hawaii 78 by some of the finest Hawaiian musicians and activists 40 years after it was composed by a Keaukaha teenager on Hawaiʻi island just a few miles from our hale. 100ʻs of youth from 14 schools + 40 artists recorded this song live @ 29 locations across 4 islands.

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Little did I know that I would see Jason Momoa (who speaks the intro) a few days later on the mauna. Mahalo to the Mana Maoli crew and all those who made this happen.

Jason Momoa

The phrase was first spoken by Kamehameha III, the King of Hawaiʻi, on July 31, 1843, when the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi was returned by the British. Ea means not only "life", but "breath" and, more importantly, "sovereignty".


I spoke with scholars, ʻōlelo teachers and a number of kūpuna such as Sam Keliʻiho'omalu, Kaleikoa Kaʻeo and Kumu Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu about the translation I found during my reasearch. They approve of it as a fitting and contextually accurate translation.


Some of the words contained in this phrase have greater, more difficult to define meaning than is commonly ascribed. Mau, for example, implies an unending continuation; Ea means not only "life", but "breath" and, more importantly, "sovereignty". It is disputed that the word ea in this pronouncement refers to "life." Many now insist strongly that ea refers specifically to sovereignty because of the circumstances at the time Kamehameha III uttered it.

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