orange star

We were contemplating our move to the Big Island and what we wanted to bring as an offering to this marvelous place and its people.

You don't want to show up empty handed, do you now?

We've always loved the Big Island to it's red hot molten core. So we decided to print just that on a sticker and bring them along as an offering.


We gifted them to everyone - the waitress at Ken's House of Pancakes, the check-out crew at KTA, the cable guy setting up our internet, and of course, our fabulous mail carrier.

mail truck

Soon we had gifted thousands of them and they popped up everywhere. Since then the stickers have become a ubiquitous symbol of Big Island Identity, Unity, Pride and Aloha. The catch-phrase quickly entered into the vernacular and gained a cultural impact. Our hashtag #bigislandlove now has over 100K posts! We know that, through mindful action we can affect the minds and hearts of all the people who come in contact with them every day. Whether you are touched by their simple message at a glance, or you search out their deeper meaning, they are designed to cause us all to think more about living aloha.


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Cute write up in the local paper :)


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