The First Lady

A few years ago I asked myself: Am I doing enough with my skills, talents, & resources to make the world a better place?

Am I making enough of a difference?

I realized that I was doing a pretty good job with my art and social activism. That choke people see my work every day and that I could possibly even touch the President of the United States with my HI vibes - Five Thousand Miles away.

So I wrote a letter to the White House in Washington, DC, 1600 Pensilvania Avenue, and addressed it to Michelle Obama. I figured Barak might be a little too busy running the country to open his fan mail from Hawaiʻi.

I included some of the rainbow stickers for Sasha and Malia, a beautiful Mahalo greeting card and a collage of photos of folks holding up the 'I really appreciate you' sticker. Then I encouraged her to slip her husband one of the stickers when he needed a little extra pick-me-up. Four weeks later I found a letter from Michelle in my mailbox. She received my gifts and wrote me back. Her kind, appreciative and uplifting words are now happily framed in my kitchen and make us smile every day. I even borrowed a line from her letter as inspiration for this precious sticker.

Mahalo Michelle.

letter from Michelle