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Our collection of quality stickers is available for wholesale in bulk and in fancy cellophane packaging. Most of the large and small stickers are sold bulk and merchandise well in the hanging displays.


The double-row hanger for small stickers is available with 12 or 18 slots.

Each slot can hold 10-15 stickers.

Mana Foods

The single row hangers for large stickers are available with 6 or 9 slots.

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The black clip-strip display hanger is available for the small Flask-style stickers. This style ships fancy (in clear packaging) only.

Clip Strip Display

Clip-strip hangers are usually loaded with 6-10 stickers per clip. I like to keep one empty clip between styles so they can be seen well. I recommend that you load them this way EACH time you fill up your strips.

A clip-strip can hold 50-100 flask stickers.

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The black wire countertop stand holds 50-60 flask stickers on each peg for a total of 200-240 units.

Wire Rack for Pimp your Flask stickers


The black spinner display holds 40-50 flask stickers on 12 pegs for a total of 500 units. This display is great for high traffic areas and sells fast.

small spinner


Plexiglass stand for greeting cards and the small red wooden stand for sticker #124 "I really appreciate you". They fit in small spaces and send a great message.


Sticker #124 "I really appreciate you" usually ships 40 units to fill the stand. This is our most popular item! Make sure you always have plenty on hand and call us when you're running low.

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The wooden stand can hold long and square large stickers in each tier to offer a nice selection. This is the 2-tier stand displaying 4 different stickers.


Check out this awesome plexiglass stand for the oval sticker. We usually fill this with 40-50 stickers.

103 with stand


Custom Spinner for Cards

clip strip for oval stickers


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Wholesale pricing

sug. retail
Flask Sticker (fancy) $ 1.00
Small Sticker (bulk) $ 1.00
Large Sticker (bulk) $ 1.50
Greeting Card (fancy) $ 2.50
Postcard (set of 3 fancy) $ 2.50




Display pricing


Plexiglass Stand $ 5.00

Hanging Display sm/lg

$ 10.00
Red Wooden Stand small $ 10.00
Red Wooden Stand large $ 20.00
Black Wire Stand 4 hooks $ 20.00
Sm Spinner 12 hooks $ 40.00
Lg Spinner (for cards) $ 95.00


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postcard set


Postcards are sold as a fancy set of 3 cards with one envelope in clear cellophane packaging. This keeps the cards neat and makes the set a premium product with the same price as our folded greeting cards to keep pricing simple.

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Please note: Bulk means bulk. Nothing wrapped around it.

Fancy means individually packaged in

fancy cellophane packaging (Click here for more info)

Small and large stickers usually ship bulk.

Flask stickers always ship Fancy!


Fancy packaging


Back side with UPCode

back side with UPCode


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order form

Please print and email your completed form to or call Sprocket at 808-936-9000 to place your order.

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