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Our stickers are offset printed on Ultra Removable Zip-Strip® finest quality vinyl. They stay on solid for years and peel off clean when you need to remove them. For a short video demo click here.

Please make sure that your surface is clean, completely dry and non-porous before sticking them on. Any clean flat surface will do. Glass, plastic and metal work great.

There are multiple order options available for each item. You can order a single sticker as well as multi-packs for a discount.

Single stickers always ship in
'fancy' clear cellophane bags like this one

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Note on Hawaiian spellings:
We try to include the ʻokina (glottal stop) and kahakō (macron) marks used in the proper spelling of Hawaiian words.
Due to compatibility issues with certain Web browsers, they may not display properly.

For more Hawaiian words and their pronounciation visit


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Big Island Love - 808 Mana - The Surfer Buddha - Stickers with Heart - Pimp your Flask - May all beings be Stoked - You are Love - Embraced by LOVE - The Answer is LOVE - One LOVE - Big Island Love - Maui Love - Breathe Aloha - Every Day is a Blessing - I really appreciate you - Happiness Happens - All is in Divine Grace - Dancing is good for you - Love is the Essence of Life the Universe and Everything - Make Love - Aloha - Aloha Aina - May all Beings be peaceful may all beings be happy - We're in Paradise - Malama Pono - We're Stoked - Mahalo - When one is stoked there is no limit what one can do - We are Blessed - Rainbow Wave - Love Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness - Malama Pono Keep the Aina Ono - You are the Buddha - Practically Perfect in Every Way - Gratitude for all the is and all the isn't - Buddha Love - I appreciate everything you do to raise the vibration of the planet and make it a better place for all. May you always feel loved as you spread love unto others. Mahalo and blessings - Be Wild & Wonderful - Surrounding yourself with molten lava reminds you to stay calm and centered - Relax It's just a Dream - Enjoy the Moment - Heaven on Earth - Mahalo Rainbow - Aloha Rainbow - To be in the presence of the Divine - Hilo Love - Kona Love - Maui Love - Happy Chinese Sticker - Keep the Land Yummy - Live Love - Kind People Rock - God Loves Everyone - Scoop Poop Plants Seeds Stay Humble - Use your Power in the direction of Truth and Love - Aloha ʻĀina - DIVINE - Mahalo - To be in the presence of the Divine - When we come together with a sense of purpose and a spirit of Aloha, no challenge is too great - Rise Up - She Runs The Show - E Pele ē, ke akua o ka pōhaku 'ena'ena (Pele, Goddess of the molten rocks - Use your Power in the direction of Truth and Love - Aloha Aina - DIVINE - Rise Up -
At the end it's All about LOVE - When we come Come Together with a sense of purpose and a spirit of aloha no challenge is too great - Exotic & Rare & Exquisit - Smile and Shine - Thank you for being so Awesome - Good Thoughts Good Words Good Deeds - We don't call it Rain, we call it Liquid Sunshine - - Thank You - Postcards - Greeting Card with Removable Sticker - Vote for LOVE - always.